Meiska Surpasses 2 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify

meiska adinda

Meiska’s rise on the Indonesian music scene: a rising star in the making
Indonesian music is always changing. But the young and talented singer Meiska is carving out a place for herself and getting more and more famous with each release. Her songs have connected with people all over the world, giving her a group of loyal fans.

The fact that Meiska went viral shows how appealing she is

Meiska’s record is full of viral hits, which means that her songs are liked and shared by a wide range of people. The catchy tunes have not only gotten the attention of music fans, but they have also put Meiska in the spotlight.

Milestone: 2 million people listen to Spotify every month

Meiska reaching 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify is a big step in her growing career and a sign of her growing impact in the digital music world. This is a big deal, and it puts her in the company of artists who have done well in the tough world of streaming services.

Meiska thinks about her success and how thankful she is for it

Meiska says she is thankful, especially in light of the accomplishment, and she points out the role of technology and the growing respect for local talent. “I think our society values local creations more and more, and technology makes it easier for each person to find music that fits their tastes,” says Meiska on Wednesday (4/10).

Under the banner of Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, the singer also says she really grateful for how well her songs have accepted. Meiska’s fans have given her a lot of support, which has taken her to places she didn’t expect, like hitting 2 million monthly listeners on a popular streaming service like Spotify.

Meiska gives credit for her success to her loyal listeners, the team behind the scenes that helps her, and the important contributions of everyone involved. She hopes that this group effort will continue and grow in the future.

She said, “I’m very thankful, and it’s all because of my friends who always listen to my songs and the team behind the scenes who is always there for me. You’re all very important to me, and I hope this will continue in the future.”

Meiska’s Never-Ending Musical Odyssey: New Releases and Sony Music Journey

Meiska recently gave her fans a new song called “Kembalilah,” which is her third single since she joined Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. This album comes after the success of her first song, “Hilang Tanpa Bilang,” which went viral, and her next hit, “Tak Berbentuk Lagi.”

Meiska’s wide range of songs are available on different digital music sites and YouTube, so fans can follow her musical journey as it changes.

As Meiska continues to captivate crowds and break new ground, her story can help new artists figure out. And then, she inspire that how to make it in the music business, which is always changing.