Jennie BLACKPINK New Solo Single “You & Me” Rises Swiftly on Charts


Jennie BLACKPINK has recently released her latest solo single titled “You & Me.” This marks her second official solo single released digitally by YG Entertainment, following her debut solo “SOLO” in 2019.

“You & Me” comes in two versions: the regular version and the Coachella version. In the Spotify Top 50 Global chart, the song quickly climbed to the top, showcasing promising performance. As of Sunday (10/8/2023), the Coachella version of “You & Me” secured the #18 position on the Spotify Top 50 Global chart.

Most Successful Solo Song

With over 4.6 million streams on the platform, “You & Me” has become Jennie’s most successful solo song on Spotify. Moreover, it marks Jennie’s first solo song to make it to the Spotify Top 50 Global chart.

The release of “You & Me” coincided with uncertainties regarding Jennie’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment. There have been rumors suggesting that Jennie might establish her own company, implying that she won’t renew her contract with YG. However, the management has mentioned that this has not been confirmed yet.

What is confirmed, so far, is that Jennie, along with Jisoo and Lisa, is reportedly leaving YG Entertainment, leaving Rosé as the remaining member. Despite this, BLACKPINK will not disband, as YG plans to prepare a special contract allowing all four members to continue their activities under the name BLACKPINK for at least six months a year.

Solo Project

In a previous interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Jennie hinted at her upcoming solo project. This is believed to be her future solo project, possibly following “You & Me.”

When asked about the concept and musical genre she wishes to explore in her future music releases, Jennie hinted that she aims to create works that highlight her uniqueness and personal style.

“For Jennie, I want to create works that feel very ‘Jennie’ and unique to her, so stay tuned,” she said.

Jennie’s Solo Journey

Jennie’s solo journey has been marked by both success and anticipation. Her debut solo “SOLO” received widespread acclaim and garnered millions of views on YouTube. Fans have been eagerly waiting for her subsequent solo releases, and “You & Me” seems to have lived up to the expectations.

Reflects Jennie’s Popularity

The song’s strong debut on the Spotify charts reflects Jennie’s popularity and the anticipation surrounding her music. Her desire to create music that embodies her unique style and identity as an artist shows her commitment to artistic expression and growth.

While her future with YG Entertainment remains uncertain, it’s clear that Jennie’s solo career is on an upward trajectory, and fans can look forward to more of her distinctive music in the future. “You & Me” is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting solo journey for Jennie BLACKPINK.