Severe Insomnia

Severe insomnia can be one of the most debilitating conditions from which to suffer, as it can not only affect your night hours, it can spill over into your day hours causing great difficulties. There is no doubt that the condition often starts with some kind of unusual disturbance in your life, whether it is an emotional upset such as a bereavement or other personal loss, or just something such as having to readjust back to normal hours after working night shifts for a length of time. It can continue well beyond the initial stage if steps are not taken to control it.

There are many possible reasons way a case of insomnia should develop. In many cases, it is obvious, and the cause will be there for everyone to see. Other cases will be as bewildering to the patient as they are to their family and friends, who will have to watch as someone’s quality of life is diminished for no obvious reason. If the cause is an emotional circumstance, there is acheter viagra pharmacie obviously the hope that the condition will become less severe as time goes by. There can be subtle causes which should not be overlooked, such as overuse of alcohol or caffeine, and environmental factors.

The condition of insomnia is prone to worsen if nothing is done to counter it, as the act of being without sleep only serves to aggravate the conditions which can cause it in the first place. If you have insomnia, the first step will be to break the potentially vicious cycle by getting just one good night’s sleep. This can often be done with the use of short term over the counter drugs, but it will be more effective if you can achieve it without resorting to these. It is often possible if you can change the way you prepare for bed.

Most cases of severe insomnia are accompanied by a long term tendency to engage in activities which are contrary to the best interests of getting a night’s sleep. Most people who cannot sleep at night are either eating a heavy meal just before they retire at night, or they are drinking alcohol in the hours immediately prior to retiring. Some are smoking just before they get into bed, and it is becoming increasingly common for television sets to be on in homes just before the entire family goes into the bedrooms.

All of these habits can certainly help a pattern of insomnia to take hold, when it would otherwise have dissipated in due course. Of course, it is a lot easier to tell someone to quit smoking or to stop drinking so much coffee than it is to actually carry out these instructions, but the extent to which you are able to replace damaging habits with positive ones is the extent to which you will begin to recover from insomnia. With the exception of caffeine drinking, most other activities can simply be cialis 10mg prix adjusted to an earlier time in the day.

It is best to work on severe insomnia by cutting out unwanted dietary influences, and then by improving the condition of the room in which you try to sleep. Make sure that excesses of noise and light are eliminated, and also that all electronic devices are not used in the two hours prior to going to sleep. If these improvements are not enough, or if there is depression involved at the same time, there may be a need to look at other forms of treatment. It is only in rare cases, though, that natural methods will not be effective in reducing severe insomnia.