Hub for IVF treatments in India-Delhi

India becomes a boon in the surrogacy industry. The couples facing infertility issues look for different options, and surrogacy is one of them, which include IVF treatment (In Vitro Fertilization) and Egg donation programs. IVF is the treatment in which a woman rent their womb for delivering a child to another woman. IVF in India got a tremendous progress in the recent past years, when couples started looking for options and thinking practically.

IVF in Delhi:

Today IVF centers are available in India everywhere. Delhi, the capital of India, now became the hub for IVF treatments.  IVF clinics provides the best fertility treatment solutions in the whole Indian fertility market. Maximum clinics, multiple options, hospitals with high tech aiding equipments, belongings and technologies, experts in fertility treatments and professional doctors, make Delhi the most sought after place in India for the IVF services.

The IVF clinics provide:

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) or Artificial insemination.

Egg freezing

Frozen embryo transfer cycle

In vitro fertilization (IVF) or test tube baby.

IVF using donor’s egg

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Cryopreservation of embryos

Semen bank or Sperm bank

IVF costing and expenses in Delhi: Delhi is the best option for the infertility couples, because of the best technologies and facilities according to the people interest.  IVF is the most expensive and successful treatment of infertility in couples. The cost of IVF treatment is in the range of Rs.1lakh to 2lakhs per cycle. The cost depends on the choice of your option, such as egg donation program, in which a surrogate mother which is more cost oriented than the IVF program can be opted. IVF clinics offers best and low cost fertility treatments which are beneficial and affordable for people from all levels. This is the only reason why people all over the world prefer to choose India for IVF treatments.

Other factors:

In India the IVF Clinics cost do not avail the following:

Accommodation cost

Medicines prescribed

Travel expenses

Personal expenses

General tests expenses

They only include:

Consultation cost

Injection’s costs

Ultrasound scanning charges

Blood test

IVF procedure cost

If you are suffering from the pain of childless and want to have your own child, than surrogacy is the best option for you and Delhi is the right place for it. Instead of having best medical facilities here, you also got the legal documents after the whole procedure of IVF Treatment is completed.