Homemade Exercise Tips: What is Yoga?

The Word Yoga means integrate, the union of a person’s awareness and the universal awareness. In Yoga a person has to integrate the body, mind and the strength with lots of sprit. Moreover, the integration of emotion, action and intelligence are also be integrated and should be in balance. These all are to be done through three main structure of yoga as they are exercise, breathing and consideration. We published information about Yoga and its Kinds to make it easy for reader with the help of this article you are able to know the vital rule of yoga in your life.

1.      The primary instrument in human’s work and growth is the yoga which is treated with care and respect. These exercises will improve circulation and stimulate the abdominal organs. Moreover it provides the pressure on the glandular system of the body. This system will improve the health.

2.      As the breath is the source of life and in yoga exercise the breathing techniques is developed with the same concept that it is the source of life.

3.      We have false impression about consideration and we think that due to this the mind will go blank. But this is not the true thinking. In consideration person brings the activities of the mind into focus resulting in a quiet mind. Yoga develops awareness and helps us focus and ease us from our everyday stress.

Kinds of Yoga

1. Yoga of postures or Hatha yoga

This is the most popular branch of yoga in the west. It is possibly the path of Yoga in which uses of physical poses or Asana, Breathing Techniques or Pranayama, and consideration to reinforce and achieve the batter health.

2. Yoga of devotion or Bhakti Yoga

This yoga is for heart and attachment. The person who is going to practices this branch find divine in everyone and everything’s. This branch teach the person to have attachment to the ONE and developing love and acceptance for all things

3. Self control Yoga

This is known as king of yoga and based on the teachings of the eight limbs of Yoga found in the yoga sutras.  This branch of yoga provides self control and respect of oneself. All the creation are the vital to this path. It will provide you discipline.

4. Yoga of Mind or Jnana Yoga

This branch basically concerned with mind and it is focus with human’s intelligence. It will provide you wisdom and intellect and aim to unify these two accepts. This branch is wish to gain knowledge and open your mind. Moreover, you believe that an open and rational mind is crucial in knowing the spirit.

5. Yoga of Service or Karma

Yoga In this branch of yogayou believed that your present situation is based on your past actions. You are choosing a future that is free from negativity and selfishness. The benefit of this yoga you change attitude toward the good and it make a change to soul.