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* Buy the new Spice Girls album "Forever" now at 30% off!

Spice Girls sites rated, ranked, and reviewed by

Official Site
This official site is a must see, should be your first stop for Spice, and more than earned all 5 of its stars here at BestCelebritySites.Com. Sneak previews of new songs and videos, competitions and contests, news, information, and much more. Excellent design.

Spice Zone
Full of the latest news, pics, downloads (including MP3 's), magazine articles, lyrics, and a fan forum. This is a "Need to Visit Site". Designed and maintained by a professional Webmaster, this site looks great!

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Spice Girls Generation
Excellent design, current news (yes, even well after the breakup), a huge gallery of pictures, and an equally full complement of song lyrics along with a message board, games, and more earn this site a full 4 Stars!

The Hut
Try this virtual world dedicated to Giiirrrlll Power! (Flash & Non-Flash pages)
It is a great looking page and it absolutely full of great information and multimedia files.

The Shack
Music, video, lyrics, interviews, pictures, quiz, news and gossip, and a wicked design! Everything a real fan needs.

Virtual World
Chat, pics, sound, lyrics, tons of background info on the Girls, and a tour schedule. The author of this page is obviously not only a huge fan, but perhaps even a little obsessed :-) When you're rating pages, though, that's a good thing.

If you're a Melanie-C fan, there's lot's of good current info here. Find video clips, interview clips (RealVideo), pictures, and news.

5 Forever
Games, chat, multimedia, bios of all the band members, and news. The games are really what got this site onto the "Best Rated" list.

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