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* Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera sing duet Story

* Ricky Martin releases "Sound Loaded" to rave reviews! You can read the reviews or buy the new CD at Amazon. Sound clips are featured there as well.

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Available in English, French, and Spanish, the official site features audio and video clips of hit songs like Livin' La Vida Loca, She's All I Ever Had, Shake Your Bon Bon, The Cup Of Life, Maria, and more in Quick Time, Real Audio, and Real Video.

Christina's Ricky Martin Site
Absolutely brilliant design and exclusive Windows wallpaper (made by the site's webmaster) make this site a must-see. Also be sure to visit the extensive photo gallery.

East Coast Style!
As the site says, it gives "new and old fans alike the chance to get to know Ricky or take a walk back through time when some of us remember him as little Kiki Martin."

Many more Ricky Martin sites are listed in the Celebrities Directory.

Ricky Martin Vuelve
Photos, video clips of interviews, news, MP3's, fan club information, and a touring schedule. In English and Spanish.

Ricky Martin -- Sizzling and Seductive
Large photo galleries with many rare images, lyrics, merchandise, contests, and the Casa Salsa Message Board.

Yahoo! Web Celeb
Yahoo! featured Ricky back in June '99. Read their article for some great insight into this star who many remember since his early days in the band Menudo.

AOL Interview Transcript
A transcript of a live on-line interview he did back in 1996. Answers to many of your questions can be found here.
Includes a biography, discography, loads of articles, photos, and trivia.

Cinema Desktop Themes
Get Ricky Martin screen savers and Windows Wallpaper here.

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