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Buy her new CD: "I Wanna Be With You"
or search for imports and other rare Mandy Moore CD's here.

Buy this CD: "So Real" featuring the hit Candy!

Mandy Moore @ Best Celebrity Sites

* "I Wanna Be With You" goes Platinum! That means it's sold more than 1 Million copies! Way to go Mandy! On top of that, Mandy's hit song "Candy" just won a Billboard Muisc Award!

* Mandy Moore has finished shooting her first feature film, according to her official website. It's directed by Garry Marshall and is called "The Princess Diaries". In the film Mandy plays a mean, rude, crude girl (yet very popular) in school who makes out with her boyfriend a lot... It's currently slated for a July 2001 release.

* Mandy is also working on another full length studio album and hopes to have it in stores in Spring 2001.

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Mandy Moore sites rated, ranked, and reviewed

Mandy -- Official Site
A truly excellent official site. Find tour dates, her biography, wallpaper, a chat room, and two really unique features: "Where's Mandy?" (daily updates on what she's up to) and the "Rumor Mill" where Mandy herself answers fan questions about rumors surrounding her.

Mandy Moore Fan -- Official SONY Site
Similar in look to the official site, but you'll find a few things here you won't find at, such as a video biography, Mandy Moore postcards, extra video clips, and several contests.

Mandy's Place
Very cool site! Read reviews of her CD's, interviews, and appearances, then head on over to the Games section to pit mandy against Dr. Evil of Austin powers fame in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe! If you're not worn out by then, there are two trivia sections to choose from.

Mandy La Moore
Lots of MP3 audio clips and Real format video clips. The audio section even includes those rare remixes for "I Wanna Be With You", "Candy", and "So Real". The site also features a news and rumors section, lyrics, tour dates, and photos.

Want more? Check out even more sites in the Celebrities Directory!

The Eternal Mandy Moore Site
Complete list of lyrics, loads of Winamp skins, rare photos, a chat room, screensavers, wallpapers, and even a Windows start-up screen. Very complete fan site.

Mandy More 4 Always
Loads of quizes, chat transcripts, lyrics, and information on current and upcoming singles and a section where random poses of Mandy are shown and you are invited to post your best guess about what she is thinking!

Mandy Moore Forever
Find lyrics for both albums, a huge number of video and audio clips, virtual postcards, Mandy trivia, fan-submitted artwork, and they even offer e-mail.

Mandy News
If you are looking for the latest Mandy news, this is the place to go
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