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* Leonardo DiCaprio's Titanic co-star Kate Winslet watching her weight.... Story

Leonardo DiCaprio sites rated, ranked, and reviewed by

Leonardo DiCaprio - Official Site
With info. on the fan club, his biography, filmography, and news.

LEO Files
A profile, filmography, articles, interviews, news, quotes, a chat room, Q&A, "Leonardo Spotting", a photo gallery, downloads, and more links makes this site an incredible resource on this young star.

The Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Site
But it might was well be the official page. This beautifully done site has plenty of info. on him, with a HUGE section devoted to photos.

Leonardo DiCaprio fanatics Jamie and Mandy provide you with a biography, filmography, images, news, and links.

Wild Boys - Leonardo DiCaprio
A very nice looking and fast loading site. Includes a photo album, dream gallery, movies, links, fanclub info. and links.

Amanda's Totally Titanic Site
Mostly about his most famous movie, Titanic, this site does devote some space to Leo. Lots of movie info., including clips from the film, sounds files, and the story of Titanic.

Leonardo DiCaprio Photo Album
A nice selection of photos as well as selected video clips and transcripts from interviews. Witten in English and French (en Anglais et Français).

The Den
Clearly the place to go if you're looking for quotes from this actor.

Kiss Leonardo DiCaprio
Umm.. this one's interesting. Not much on this page save the quite odd capability to kiss this star. A novelty.

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