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* Jennifer Love Hewitt takes center stage in new Nokia ad campaign!

Jennifer Love Hewitt sites rated, ranked, and reviewed by

Love Hewitt.Com
You couldn't ask for more on Jennifer... Check out for plenty of pictures, news & information, movies and sound clips in the multimedia section, an address to write her, interviews, and so much more.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
This site is nice to look at and even nicer to explore. Check out for a photo gallery, filmography, discography, her current TV schedule, and a message board to talk with other JLH fans.

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True Love Site
This fan has definitely got a thing for Ms. Love Hewitt. In this case, that makes for a beautifully designed site with 950 images, tons of videos, MP3's, backgrounds, Winamp skins, screensavers, ans well as information on upcoming movies and movie reviews. Don't miss the webmaster's plans for meeting Jennifer... How would you handle an encounter with her?

JLH: Angel From Above
Another very comprehensive and well designed site, Angel From Above has a biography, filmography, discography, photo galleries, desktop downloads, and a bunch of Jennifer Love Hewitt articles.

A Shining Star
A real nice design, 8 galleries of outstanding Jennifer Love Hewitt pictures, and a very complete biography give this one a solid 4 stars.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Sexy
Find the latest JLH info, a biography, filmography, video and MP3 downloads, lyrics, and more.

Premier Links Library
Over a hundred JLH links, all with descriptions to help you find what you're looking for.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Not a very well written site, but if you're looking for wallpaper for Windows 95/98 or you'd like to send a Love postcard to a friend, this site may be worth a click.

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