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* Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera sing duet Story

* Christina Aguilera sues her ex-manager! Story

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Christina Aguilera sites rated, ranked, and reviewed by

The Christina Aguilera Official Website
A strikingly complete official site. Our favorite part is the "Rumor Mill" - where you can find out if the latest rumor you've heard is true or false! Also has hot news, a full gallery of video and audio tracks, and you can even write Christina fan e-mail!

Christina Aguilera @Peeps.Com
"Peeps" makes great fan sites and this one's no exception. This artfully designed site features a wealth of audio and video clips and a full list of her upcoming appearances.

Aguilera Connection
100+ pictures, a full multimedia selection (uses RealPlayer), lyrics, and postcards...Nice site!

The Christina Connection
A great site for finding out when Ms. Aguilera will be making a TV appearance or will be touring in your town. Also has a complete selection of RealAudio clips, photos, and lyrics wrapped up in an appropriately cute design.

Christina Aguilera
Hundreds and hundreds of pics -- most seem to be captureed off video -- as well as a large selection of MPEG videos in the Multimedia section. Excellent graphics.

Christina Zone
Send Aguilera -themed postcards, find pictures, find MP3s, decorate your Windows desktop with Christina Aguilera wallpaper, and check out lyrics to all her songs!
Downloads of video and audio clips, interview clips, ICQ and Hotbar skins, screensavers, and more.

Cinema Desktop Themes: Christina Aguilera
Find 19+ Windows desktop themes, & screensavers as well as ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins.

Wall of Sound: Christina Aguilera
Check out the Wall of Sound for late breaking news, feature stories, and a review of her album.
Biography, discography, lyrics, and selected audio and video clips.

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